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Vary the brightness of light sources in your home to create beautiful lighting effects and conserve energy. The Fibaro Dimmer is designed to be compatible with green lighting technologies such as LED and compact fluorescent lamps, and can be easily installed behind light switches and other fixtures. Fibaro allows you to create scenes that can be recalled at the touch of a button or scheduled to take place under certain conditions, such as gently lighting the way to the bathroom at night, or illuminating your driveway as you arrive home.
Fibaro Universal 500w Dimmer FGD-221-UK
The Relay Switch can be used to switch electronic devices on and off, either at will or in response to stimuli. Fibaro can use relays to turn your boiler on before you wake, ready for your morning shower, or to activate your ventilation system in response to rising humidity. Relay Switches allow the incorporation of a wide variety of electrical equipment into the Fibaro system. This model can switch a single device of up to 3Kw load.
Fibaro Relay Switch (1x 3kW) FGSS-221-UK
Control LED, RGB, RGBW strips and low voltage halogen lights to create beautiful, immersive lighting scenes. Fine-tune colour and brightness from the App or create preset scenes that can be called up at the touch of a button. The device provides support for up to four additional analogue sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, wind sensors, air quality sensors and light meters.
Fibaro RGBW Controller FGRGBWM-441-UK
The Dual Relay Switch functions much as the Single Relay Switch, but offers extra diversity by providing switching for two separate loads of up to 1.5Kw from a single compact module.
Fibaro Relay Switch (2 x 1.5kW) FGSD-221-UK

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