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Fibaro Flood Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible, flood and temperature sensor. The device can be battery or DC powered (12 or 24v DC). It comes equipped with three gold probes for monitoring and reporting any flood condition.  These events can be reported to the Z-Wave network, other devices and additionally to any existing alarm system  via a normally closed (NC) contact.  The Flood Sensor also comes with a built in temperature sensor.
Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101
The Door Window Sensor is a smart battery powered reed sensor that increases the safety and comfort of the home by notifying you when doors, windows or the garage has been opened.   The multi-functioned sensor can also be used to automate and control lighting and enhance security in your home.   The ability to create scenes based on your lifestyle is greatly enhanced by combining FIBARO modules and sensors, such as the Door Window Sensor. The sensor can be used to automatically turn a light on when you enter a room, guard against unauthorised access, warn you if you leave your front door open when you leave the house or even reduce your heating bills by excluding zones with open windows from the heating programme. The Door/Window sensor includes support for an optional temperature sensor.
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor
The Fibaro Motion Sensor is an amazing device the size of a golf ball! Not only does it sense motion, it will read the light levels and temperature of the room. The sensor has a built in accelerometer to detect if the device has been moved or tampered with. The motion sensor is  powered by a long life battery so can be mounted anywhere.
Fibaro Motion Sensor

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